The ask.

Conceptualize Outward Bound’s mission to change lives through self-discovery.

The insight. 

Outward Bound isn’t about the end goal. It’s about the entire process of achieving it. You won’t have a choice but to push your mind to find out what you are capable of being. In the end you will go far beyond what you thought you knew about yourself.

Concept and execution.

Every challenge in life has a start and finish. In the wilderness, you map out your route and end at point B. But, getting to point B is where we face our toughest challenges and find out who we are. It’s where you learn how far you’re capable of pushing yourself, how much resilience you can findand how your new set of skills can help push you through adversity.

The goal of an Outward expedition is to get from point A to point B, but the most important challenge for yourself is to:

Find Your Way To Be.



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